Let me do it for you?

As a designer who has worked through early stage startups I have a range of skills I'm good at. I can help you get started with these things.

Performance Marketing

I have experience in running Google and Facebook ads, with ability to identify campaigns and rapidly A/B test to run the best ads for you.

Product & UX Design

Oh, I've been designing products as a full time job and I plan to pursue this in the longer run.

Content Strategy & Social Media

Social media comes to me from the days of scaling our own startup without any funding. 

Content Writing & SEO

Visual Design & Branding

Motion Content/Learning Videos

Be it creative or marketing, me and my team can take care of all your design needs in its early stages of development. Write me an email at krishnasirugudi1@gmail.com or hit me up on linkedin, lets get on a call.