Hello from the other side :)


Hi! I'm Krishna :)

I am an architect who turned into a product generalist climbing through startups in the past 6 years and scaling products from B2B & B2C fronts, web-based to native mobile apps, MVPs to full-blown products. 

The two major products I’ve been grateful to shape are UNI.xyz and Materialdepot.in. My role has evolved a lot all these years sometimes being heavily product-focused, many a time visual and interaction design-focused, and at other times, business-focused. With this diversity of work and teams, I’ve grown a lot both horizontally and vertically. 

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My professional journey so far

Acuity Knowledge Partners
Erstwhile Moody's Analytics - Bengaluru, IN

Sr. Delivery Lead - User Experience
Jan 2023 - Currently working here

Material Depot
Pre-Series A (Ycombinator & Accel Partners) - Bengaluru, IN

Design & Growth Manager
Jan 2022 - Dec 2022 (1 year)

Seed Stage (Zero to Val. 1.5M$ journey) - New Delhi, IN

Director of Design May '19 - Nov '21 (2year 4months)
Design Lead Jul '18 - May '19 (1 year)
Visual & Content Designer - Sep '17 - Jul '18 (1 year)

Sparrow Interactive
New Delhi, India

Architect (Experience Centers) - New Delhi, IN
Feb 2017 - Sep 2017 (7 mos.)

What I do at work

Curate & Manage

Interpreting business goals and converting these to action steps for my reports & myself to make business goals objective.

Hiring and building

Creating job descriptions, hiring processes, team structuring & role defining with founders for future projects. 

Bringing metrics to team

I bring design performance in discussions using analytics and monitoring tools.

Setting up processes

I setup daily working processes to execute tasks faster by optimizing and reducing inefficiencies.

Cross-department cord

Managing across functions to ensure fulfilment of the product at various levels

Showing what we do

I bring design performance in discussions using analytics and monitoring tools.

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My Education

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
Bachelor's of Architecture
Jul 2011 - Jun 2016 (8.79/10)

Activities and societies: NASA - Student Coordinator for 3 consecutive years, ANDC - Student Coordinator for 2 consecutive years, Awarded Bharat M. Yamsanwar Prize for best Design studio performance, Academic Excellence Prize 2016 - Overall.

Giving out freelancer contracts to strangers over the internet is kinda sus. I understand. Here's some questions I'd like to know for helping you make a decision.

What services do you offer?

Go to my services page. Its kinda gray what all I can do, but I am known to get things done and it has been the theme while shipping two large scale full blown online platforms with real users. Anything online or design, I can do.

Why are you selling your services?

I am raising capital for my grad school. My current job will take me 6 years to fully fund my tuition while paying my bills - I'd like to get there faster and selling my skills will not only get me money but connections that will help me in my post grad career. 

How did you find us?

I generally go through websites and press releases of young companies who can see potential and take bets on creators like us. While all of us are trying to make their name - someone has to reach out first and it is me this time :)

How much do you charge?

That depends generally on work and project you are giving me. Generally speaking I prefer working with clients in stronger economic regions than India that can benefit by the service cost difference while getting the same or better quality of work. Whatever it may, my quotes generally strike me a deal for at least a batch of work and many a times these are recurring contracts. 

How do you handle communication and project management?

I am readily available by Gmeet and Discord if you need me. My clients also add me to their slack servers so that I respond to them as fast as I can.

How reliable are you?

From VC backed companies, to government clients I have deep commitments to clients who trust me. In my past 6 years of work-ex I've never led a deal midway and I continue to run this small 1 man venture by word of mouth.

How do you ensure quality and deliver on time?

I generally ask clients to start small and see for themselves if they like my style/work/preferences. The contracts increase by time - so you never lose too much at first (I'd never want that for you either). My past work and journey may also give you insight on my 

How do you handle payments and invoicing

I generally charge via paypal for outside India clients. I also have bank transfer available for clients who'd like to engage in a long term relationship. 

What is your availability and turnaround time?

Generally I have 1-2 projects going on and I usually dabble around that number along side my full time job. If it gets any more than that, I generally hire a couple of my friends to get the job done. The TAT is specific to jobs you assign. If I am outreaching your email, I am relatively available or working to get more projects in my future pipeline. 

How do you handle confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements?

What you see on this website is mostly the work generated out of my job, or own companies. I don't post my client's works or projects as it may cause losing them business advantage. Your work stays ultra confidential as I usually like having recurring clients.